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Ceremony Consultant

Today, I had time and I did a quick walk through with the couple on positioning. Their photographer said, " You are the best officiant ever!". Often, photographers will guide you during the rest of the day, but they don't feel like they have a say in the ceremony. I give tips so you look good for this special moment and consider all the aspects of movement for your guests to feel included. I also have a logistics section on the top of my ceremony  that we discuss to ensure it starts smoothly, and you are relaxed when we start.

Friend Performing the Ceremony: In this video I was training the couple's friend who would be performing their wedding ceremony in B.C. (they 'eloped' with me after). The video is an small example of one type of walk through that I do with couples to give them a 'rehearsal' of what to expect on their wedding day. 

The Walk Through:The walk through allows us to get to know each other and the chance to plan how each ceremony element might work best. Mostly, it allows you, the couple, to physically feel how the ceremony will go so you will look and feel more relaxed and confident in the moment and in your photos.

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