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7 Things No One Asks Their Officiant – but should!

1. Photography: Couples should ask if the Officiant is going to have limitations on their photographer. Many Officiants are particular about the use of photography and where photographers are allowed to stand.

2. Reviews: Where can I read reviews on your that couples have independently posted? There is no point asking an Officiant to provide their own references. An independent wedding directory will give the best perspective of the good, bad and the ugly. Ask, What was the worst review you’ve received and why did you receive it? This might give them the opportunity to address any poor reviews they have received online that have filled your mind with doubt about them.

3. Timing: How much time do they leave before and after weddings. If your family gets caught in traffic, an Officiant who is running the service as a business will leave to go to the next wedding and may become very agitated. Ask if they have ever left a couple unwed.

4. Wedding Requests: How does your wedding Officiant get most of their wedding requests? Ideally a good 10-20% should come from word of mouth and people who have referred the Officiant to others and the rest from reading a website with great reviews or a website with videos that clearly portray the Officiant. If their couples come from Kiijii or Craigslist, they likely service bargain brides who don’t mind a low quality service.