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Infinity 8 - A Unique Ceremony Style

Rather than tie-the-knot in an infinity symbol, or use a chord over the heads of the couple in the shape of an infinity symbol (Filipino Tradition), a human gathering of cherished friends made this couples ceremony incredibly personal - and the drone photo caught it! Here is the content to describe those who took part in creating this auspicious shape:

INTRODUCTION OF THE INFINITY 8: Today, a larger family is joined together – a family of friends, relatives and community.

Mike and Kim are standing here with eight close friends and family members who will form the infinity symbol around them. As I invite each person to create this form around Mike and Kim, they will serve as the infinity that will bind them together LOVE, HAPPINESS, ROMANCE, DANCE, ADVENTURE, FAMILY, WELLNESS, FRIENDSHIP.

I would like to invite up Sammy who represents the "FAMILY." Sam is one of Kim's best friends from high school. "Family comes first", is one of Sam's motto in life and he is always there for family gatherings and celebrations. This is a value that Sammy offers as a reminder to all of us in the importance of caring for those who are important to us in life.

Cherry represents the "ROMANCE" . Kim and Cherry were close friends since high school, and it's not surprising that Mike became close to Cherry as well because of her open-mindedness, kind heart, and congratulations when Mike and Kim got engaged. Cherry may be the sweetest woman you will ever meet, but when it comes to romance, Cherry is definitely the cherry on top.

Denmark represents the "FRIENDSHIP". If anyone would get a "Friendship Award", it would be Denmark. Denmark is a kin to a blood relative for Kim. He offers help in any possible way, a connector, and he even remembers everyone's birthdays. He embodies the true spirit of holding those who feed our spirits close to us at all times and with effort.

Janet represents the "DANCE" . Mike and Kim met Janet when they started teaching Zumba at Good Life Fitness. As a Zumba instructor, Mike was terrified, but he was immediately drawn to Janet's smile, kindness and passion for dancing. You can always rely on Janet for anything and she does it wholeheartedly, and her glow to surpass that which limits us, but allows us to move with passion.

Glenda represents the "WELLNESS". One of Kim's best friends, she shares and encourages a passion for fitness and wellness (and eating!). She is an inspiration to them to live an active, healthy lifestyle (with indulgences of course!).

Ronald represents "HAPPINESS". As Mike's best friend and throughout high school they were separable - engaged in a joy for play, teaching, and learning self-acceptance. They shared many happy moments together, laughing at each other, and fighting who gets to be the unbeatable beauty queen. And now they have to share that crown with Kim.

Kivar represents the "ADVENTURE". As siblings, Kim and Kivar have always been very close but They are more than his blood Kivar is his friend, a partner in childhood crime, a confidant. Being an adventurous soul who snowboards his way down from the top of a mountain, Kivar continues to inspire both Mike and Kim to get out of their comfort zones and to take risks.

Deanne represents the "LOVE" . Deanne is Mike's younger sister, but more than his blood she is his friend, his partner in childhood crime, his confidant. Her unconditional love and loyalty to her brother is what truly bonds them together. This is the love that creates the foundation for what Mike offers and shares with Kim.

Everyone here today has contributed to strength of this relationship. These are the 8 foundations or pillars of their relationship that they want to continue to build upon, that will continue to bind them together forever.

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