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Wedding Party vs the Signing Table Tip

What do you do in small spaces when one side of the wedding party is blocking the signing table?

Move them of course! However, thanks to Devoted to You Wedding Planner, Carmen - the mastermind behind this ceremony logistics trick - there is a better option than having them sheepishly crowd off to the side.

As you can tell from the photo, the bride's wedding party moved to stand in front of the groom's side of the room and created this beautiful 'choir' setting. Therefore, not standing right in front of the other wedding party, but slightly in between, and completely opening up the signing table for view.

This works well for wedding parties of all genders, but in this case you can see how the contrast of the dresses and the suits not only looks great, but it also worked well when the wedding party paired together and left for the recessional.

In some cases, I would recommend having the signing table behind the bride's wedding party, not only for the 'choir' setting, but also so that when the bride returns to the ceremony space, her train is flowing nicely behind her, especially given that her team is no longer there to fix it! For this reason, the bride, Olivia, switched sides with groom when she returned. This also worked well because she was closer to the Maid of Honour who handed her bouquet back to her before she went down the aisle. So, using either side for the signing table has its perks and set backs.

Originally, the women were standing in the traditional format, right beside the bride. As the Officiant, I announced that were going to sign the Wedding Register and nodded to the wedding party that was standing in front of the signing table to move to the other side before the couple and their witnesses moved to the table. (Note: if the MOH is signing as a witness, she does not need to move).

Because I like as few transitions as possible, I recommend that the wedding party that moved, stay in the 'choir' format until the end when they leave.

(P.S. Richard proposed to Olivia over Bubble Tea (their favourite drink) and what else but bubble tea was served at the wedding!)


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