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Hsin-Hung & Wendy

The Marrying Lady has become a bit of a family affair. It was a quick elopement request. The couple had rented a nasty chapel room in the basement of the North York Civic Centre, but my crew and I encouraged them to relocate it outside.


I needed 2 witnesses, so my 15 yr old, Hanna, met us there to sign but also, as an student at the Rosedale Heights School of Arts, she created this video. We are now calling these, Hanna's Wedding Shorts. Given the limited content to work with, I am so proud of Hanna's talent!


My 5 yr old held the off camera flash for Paul, who took photos, and we all took part in a wedding together for the 2nd time.


Even if you elope, with just a little planning, you can still capture the important moments.


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