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Cere-mini $$$ Cost Saver

Unlike an elopement, which is just the two of you and your two witnesses, a few other guests might be joining you (under 7). There is a small ceremony portion to this package that demonstrates a clear public declaration of your intention to marry. If you wish, you can include your vows and a ring exchange, but it is not required. 


Its the perfect option for couples having destination weddings, or who legally need to get the marriage processed quickly (Expedite the Marriage Certificate Here). This also applies when having a friend perform your ceremony.


Couples should arrive on time with the marriage licence and guests at a location discussed in advance (prices vary depending on location, time, and day and start at $450/25 min.)


To check availability, fill in the Contact Form or email: Your full names, phone numbers, date, time, and location to:  

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