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Ceremony Sisters

Ceremony Sisters & The Marrying Men

Often couples will ask me to recommend another Officiant to them when I am booked, or they will ask what my back up plan is for the unlikely event that I cannot provide their service (due to an emergency).


So, I'm very excited to have a wonderful network called the Ceremony Sisters and The Marrying Men. This network consists of other Officiants in and around Toronto who embody the same values and principles as I do. I fully trust them to bring the best possible experience to couples. 

Although all Officiants have their own style and mannerisms, many have had training with me to learn my style and I share all of my materials with them. Why is this important?


If in the rare case that your Officiant isn't available, you likely don't just want some random person, but someone who has the same style as what you've come to expect. The Ceremony Sisters ensure a seamless transition of services if one of us is unable to attend a couples ceremony for unforeseen reasons.

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