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Kid Friendly Weddings

Steps: Licence, Plan, Certificate

1. Marriage Licence: Couples are responsible for getting their marriage licence from a City Hall in Ontario, which is given to the Officiant to complete and mail away. Here is a link for the application and more information on what is required when you go pick it up: Licence.

2. Here are a few local vendors I have come to love and trust. Although there are more out there that are great and simply not on this list. (Note: I do not get a kickback if you pick anyone of these, I just think they are good people!): Vendors

3. Get Inspired! Find information to make your ceremony personal. Feel free to check out my online activity for ideas and inspiration. My Blog has everything I've ever done and my Facebook Page offers 'Notes' with lists of items I think you might find valuable.


4. Marriage Certificate: You are married! The Officiant mailed your licence in, but where's the proof? After you say 'I do' you must contact Service Ontario for your marriage certificate. I recommend doing this online. Here is a link for more information what is required: Certificate.

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