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Free Virtual Vow Renewal

Self-isolation with your beloved can be challenging. So, to encourage you to remember the love that brought you together...


The Marrying Lady is offering Free Virtual Vow Renewals every Friday for the month of April 2020! Book a 20 minute Skype call between 10am-10pm EST for you and your sweetie (other guests, in person or virtually tuned in, are also welcome!). You will be sent a template to complete with your love story, and she will conduct the ceremony from the comforts of your own home anywhere in the world!


To Book:


Make the subject title: We Need Some Love!

Include: Your full names, the number of years you've been married, location, your desired date and time (first come, first loved!)

Optional: Include any reading you desire (consider song lyrics, movie quotes, etc)


Prepare: Download Skype and find @themarryinglady; Determine which flat surface or stand to put me on where I can see you; Choose something fabulous to wear, or PJs are fine too!

VOWS: Find your original wedding vows or write new ones (Listen to my video if you need help -How to write your wedding vows). These do not have to be sent to me prior to the ceremony. The only 'rule' is that you must not make fun of your spouse, unless you are suggesting how you might help them with their...erm..quirkiness ;)

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