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Matthew & Amy

I can't imagine how much amazing video Mark Relf and his team had for this gorgeous wedding.  Although this couple had been together for years before celebrating their commitment at Palais Royale, their faces would light up for each other like they were crushing on their first date.

At this ceremony they had a chuppah reading, a moment for guests to shake hands and get to know each other, honouring of the parents, the wine ritual, and breaking of the glass. 


What was truly unique though was how they had their friends involved.

In Jewish tradition, seven Hebrew blessings are recited to the bride and groom on their wedding day. Amy and Matt had adapted this and chose the seven tenets they find the most important in their relationship. They asked seven loved ones to create their own blessings based on those things that they want to continue to strive for, and never take for granted.


Thank you Kismet Creative Wedding Films!

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