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Caitlyn & Shawn

As an Officiant, I find love is random and chaotic. I adore asking people for their love stories because they typically demonstrate how meeting your one true love is mysteriously designed, and yet perfectly timed. I was convinced that the fairy tale romance we see in the movies didn't really exist. And then...I met Caitlyn & Shawn.


High School sweethearts, who, after years of being together, still have that sparkle when they talk about one another. Their engagment story alone is a book (literally, he made her a book about their love!).


My mom often asks me if doing weddings is tiring. It's not. In fact, its the opposite. I think being in the presence of glowing love is one of the world's most amazing energies. I'm so lucky to get as close to it as I can after each and every ceremony. 


Watching this makes me tear up all over again.


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