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Wedding Planner

Wedding Confessions  by Trevents

I had the pleasure of working with wedding planner, Trevor Frankfort, of Trevents for several weddings over the years. As a professional problem solver, he is providing candid and highly amusing reflections on some of the zany experiences he has encountered and he allowed me to share my own!

I was his co-host for these podcasts with Mike and Kim (Episode 1), Keisha and Christian (Episode 5), Lindsay and Dennis (Episode 9and recently part of a Vendors panel (Episode 3.6).


Episode 1In this episode we talk about one of Trevor's WORST weddings and then are joined by Mike & Kim, an adorable couple of nurses who got married at a winery close to Niagara Falls. 

Episode 5We talk about kids at weddings before being joined by Keisha & Christian who confess about their aisle getting soaked moments before they walked down it, anxiety on their wedding day, and having a friend officiate their wedding.

Episode 9: This podcast was unique as the couple, Lindsay and Dennis, are also professional wedding videographers, which adds a new perspective to their own wedding planning.

Vendor Panel Episode 3.6: Sam (Evolved Entertainment) and Nadia (Purpletree Photography) joined us to discuss dealing with difficult parents!

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