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Walk Through vs Rehearsal

Over the years, I've discovered that doing what I call "a Walk Through" with just the couple (and not the wedding party) is incredibly useful for these reasons:


1. It allows the couple to physically get a sense of what we are going to do, allowing them to look and feel more comfortable on their big day.

2. Photographers will not interrupt the wedding ceremony for those great photos, so my tips help couples understand what they can do to look their best.

3. It allows me to ask a lot of questions that the couple may not have considered, and I can contribute to a smooth start to the ceremony.

4. I go through all of the legal paperwork and marriage process.

5. Its a lot of fun, very informative, and we get to know each other!

Different than a Rehearsal...

1. It is 1/3 of the cost and you don't have to coordinate with the venue.

2. We go through all the situations that will arise and you will find the answers that suit you, rather than contending with the opinions of others.

3. MOST importantly, rehearsals are boring. Unless the ceremony has a lot of moving parts with others (e.g. Persian, Filipino, Hindu, etc) 90% of the ceremony is just the three of us, and everything that a wedding party needs to know can be taught to them when I arrive before the ceremony.


All they want to know is: What order do I come in, where do I stand, do I have to do anything? How do I exit?


Video teaser taken by Liat Aharoni Photography (on her phone, just for fun!)

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