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Ritual Samples

It is common to add rituals of 'togetherness' to ceremonies to  make them more engaging and fun. They can be added to include parents or children, or much like a ring is a daily reminder of your vows, you can create items through ritual that can be reminders in your home. You can be creative and have fun with how this might look, but some examples are:


Unity Candle or Sand - Symbolizes the blending of your two lives/families into one.


Water Ceremony - Pour 2 different colored waters into a 3rd vessel creating a third color to blend your lives.


Breaking of the Glass - "Mazel Tov!" Symbolizes that 'life is fragile'.


Blessing or Wish Stones - "Write your sorrows in the sand, your blessings in stone."


Ring Warming - Have the wedding party or family bless the rings with good wishes.


Parental Honouring - Say thank-you to your parents in a special ceremony.


Blended Family Ceremony - Join your two families. Parent & children "vows".


Wine Ceremony - Drink from the "Cup of Life" -Symbolizes the journey of life before you.


Tree (Sapling) Planting - Symbolizes the roots of your relationship & growth of your love.

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