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Ritual Samples

Unity Candle or Sand - Symbolizes the blending of your two lives/families into one.


Water Ceremony - Pour 2 different colored waters into a 3rd vessel creating a third color to blend your lives.


Breaking of the Glass - "Mazel Tov!" Symbolizes that 'life is fragile'.


Blessing or Wish Stones - "Write your sorrows in the sand, your blessings in stone."


Ring Warming - works well with small, intimate weddings.


Parental Honouring - Say thank-you to your parents in a special ceremony.


Blended Family Ceremony - Join your two families. Parent & children "vows".


Wine Ceremony - Drink from the "Cup of Life" -Symbolizes the journey of life before you.


Tree (Sapling) Planting - Symbolizes the roots of your relationship & continued growth of your love.