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Asal & Sina

I love watching this video for many reasons. The look of adoration these two had for one another. The beautiful Sofreh Aghd on display on the table in front of them and being able to speak to the many meaningful objects, each one of significant symbolism and bringing blessings on their union. And of course, seeing the Persian Wedding sugaring ritual again.

This wedding was featured in Wedding Bells magazine.

The signing of the paperwork was done ahead of time in the house at Cambium Farms. It was private, so the cameras weren't there but it was my favourite part. Once the signing was complete, the families started to make a joyous sound. It's like Zena Warrior Princess and was amazing, so much fun! 

The wedding party and family members were so full of love and excitement for  these two. 

Video by Captivate:

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