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Tade Credgeur - Toronto Ontario - GTA wedding officiant - spiritual, non-denominational and mixed faith wedding officiant specializing in traditional and same-sex weddings

Pre- Wedding

Marriage Licence: You require a Marriage Licence to become legally married. You can pick the licence up from any City Hall in Ontario within 90 days of the ceremony. Bring the licence to the Marrying Lady on the day of the ceremony and she will have you, your spouse, and 2 witnesses complete the paperwork before she registers it with the Government.


To get a marriage licence, you will need to bring 2 pieces of government-issued identification for each person getting married. One piece of identification must include your photo. Examples of government-issued identification (Please check the municipality’s website, as they may vary and some offer the option of submitting your application for the licence online, but you still have to go to the office to pick up):

  • government-issued birth certificate, including any change of name certificates

  • valid passport

  • record of immigrant landing

  • Canadian Citizenship Card

  • valid driver’s licence

  • valid Ontario Photo Card

  • certificate of Divorce

NOTE: Healthcare Card and SIN Card do not qualify. Also, make sure that you REVIEW the licence for everything to be correct before you leave the City Hall.

Save time and Download the Marriage Licence Application form (here for Toronto) before you go to City Hall. Only one applicant needs to go if you have your partner's original pieces of ID and signatures on the form.

NOTE: The application requests the date and location of the wedding, if you are unsure, that's OK! This information is collected to ensure that the wedding is taking place within 90 days of getting the licence, and that it is happening within Ontario. 


$$$ Some City Halls offer better deals than others. In Toronto, a licence costs $160. See the full list on my blog post and find the pdf here.

Expedite Ontario Marriage: I can help you request that your marriage licence and certificate be processed quickly. 

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