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Toronto Wedding Officiant

My Style

"... I love marrying couples. I mean, I really love it and I feel like its a gift or service that I'm giving that truly comes from my heart." You can find out more information than you need to know about me on the VIP Collective video. And Wedding Guide Podcast with Australian Celebrant Pete (including how I became 'the Marrying Lady'.


As an event planner in my younger years, I can't help but go above and beyond my role as a Officiant by checking out the entire ceremony space. Even little things matter, such as checking the mics and making sure the signing table doesn't have the table leg where the couple is going to sit so they bang their shins!


Guests always assume that I know the couple extremely well because my voice is so full of emotion and sincerity when I speak, but it's because I'm so delighted to be there for them in that precious moment in their lives. The day I no longer feel like this is the day I will stop doing weddings!


Ceremonies are typically under 30 minutes and all pets and children are welcomed!

Here are some third party reviews, so you can see for yourself: REVIEWS!

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