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Fun Toronto Wedding

Ceremony Planning

Hopefully by now you understand the marriage process in Ontario and if not, here is the video link which sums it all up!

Are you ready to customize your Ceremony! Let's go!

  • First, plan a date night and do these simple exercises to get focused.

  • Next decide how to write your wedding vows - There are 3 videos on this, but also blog lists of logistics. Start with the first video

    • VIDEO Part # 1 - Brainstorming

    • VIDEO Part# 2 - Sample Wedding Vows, for an idea of different styles.

    • Read the list of logistics and tips on what to DO, the list of what NOT to do.

    • Begin your first draft by using my Vow Writing Templateexplained in this Podcast: The Wedding Guide with Celebrant Pete.

    • VIDEO Part #3 - Key words for vows​ to spice up your final draft!

  • Examples of alternative things to say during the ring exchange.

  • How to personalize your ceremony - Its also in video! My latest fav found here.

  • How to choose a quote or 'something read' before your kiss.

  • How to make the ceremony fun and reflect the two of you!

  • My blog offers samples of every single type of additional ritual that can be added such as acknowledgement of your parents, bubble exit for great photos, Love Letter & Wine Box, etc.

  • There are also daily tips on my Instagram @themarryinglady and Facebook page under notes including a vow template and sample readings (samples). 

  • Finally, make sure you know each other's top and lowest LOVE LANGUAGES (free quiz here). You will most likely express love the way YOU like it, in your top love love language...but it may not be theirs. 

Photo Credit: Mango Studios

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