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The Marrying Lady

Photo Credit: Kyle Burton of Double 11 Studios

How do 'I do' for Traditional Weddings

Whether you want a ceremony that's lighthearted and fun or heartfelt and emotional, The Marrying Lady will tailor the experience to you and your partner.

  • INITIAL CONSULT - My consultation will take under an hour, giving you the opportunity to get to know me and see if I am the right fit for you.


  • CEREMONY RESOURCES - I provide unlimited emailing and a variety of resources such as vow samples, readings, ring exchanges, and other ceremonial elements. And love working on creative options based on your shared interests. (Vow Writing and How I became the Marrying Lady here!)


  • CUSTOMIZED CEREMONY - I will add your desired tone, your personality, your theme, determine the best basic ceremony to build 'you two' into each word. I will send you a sample draft to start.


  • WALK THROUGH /REHEARSAL (Optional)– The 3 of us have a meeting prior and do a complete walk through of the ceremony from entrance to the end, you will be completely at ease with the flow of the event and we'll do the finishing touches on the ceremony. Have your marriage licence on hand!


  • YOUR WEDDING – I arrive early and coordinate with your wedding planner, musicians, DJ, readers, and wedding party to ensure everyone is on the same page. I also have Ceremony Sisters as back up.


  • REGISTRATION – Bring your marriage licence to me (instructions here) and I will registering your marriage licence, archiving your registry, and provide directions for getting your marriage certificate


To check availability, please fill in the Contact Formwith your full names, phone numbers, date, time, and location.                     

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