*** I wasn't available to marry Jessi and Alex, so I trained their friend to conduct the ceremony. I arrived after the ceremony and we gathered in a private room with their witnesses for the final paperwork!

Friend Conducting Ceremony

Yes - A friend can conduct your wedding ceremony! 


Some people believe these ceremonies will cost less, but they require the same amount of time and costs for the Officiant in terms of communications and processing paper work. In some cases, they take more time because another party is now involved and must be trained on elements of the ceremony to keep it legal. (See blog post on things to consider for this option.)


The Marrying Lady would still complete the paper work. However, the paper work can be completed after or before the family ceremony itself with the witnesses present - consider an elopement/ paper signing as an option if you do not wish to interrupt the flow of the ceremony.

To check available dates, or to ask more questions, please send your date, time and location to The Marrying Lady: tade@sheisthemarryinglady.com


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