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Tade Credgeur - Toronto Ontario - GTA wedding officiant - spiritual, non-denominational and mixed faith wedding officiant specializing in traditional and same-sex weddings

Jewish Ceremonies

I am happy to perform ceremonies under the Chuppah (and adjust to the many ways that this this pronounced!). Couples have made their own structures or hired professionals who will set up spectacular, customized chuppahs.


Typically when ceremonies are between couples with one person being Jewish, we will often do the breaking of the glass at the very end of the ceremony.  I will explain this to the guest who are not familiar with this custom prior to the wedding starting.

The glass is usually a light bulb. I only mention this because even the Jewish person in the often the couple isn't  aware of the 'secret' item that is being broken in this exciting and celebratory ritual. A description of the ceremony and sample content for the ceremony are on my Blog here.

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