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Philippino Toronto Wedding

Filipino Wedding

When I perform these ceremonies, I combine the signing of the Register with the cord and veil and unity candle, as everything takes place at the table. Sponsors, or two chosen people will take one end of the bride’s veil and drape it over the groom’s shoulders.  It signifies that they are dressed for the world as one. Next, a white decorative silk cord (yugal) is placed over the couple’s shoulders in the sign of infinity (a figure-eight). It symbolizes everlasting fidelity and signifies that they walk the world as equals.

The lighting of the candles is where one person from each side of the family lights a candle and together a larger candle is lit. Either the parents or the couple will light the third candle, called a 'unity candle' together, signifying that their families are united through them. Couples may also request a coin exchange ritual.


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