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Sofreh Aghd Ceremony

I can perform Persian wedding ceremonies, which often have a sofreh aghd or symbolic objects on a table to bless the wedding and the couple. Like most, Iranians have diverse religious backgrounds and the sofreh aghd is a chosen cultural ceremony commonly practised regardless of faith. There are many symbolic items which make up the sofreh aghd spread, all in which represent an element of the couple’s new life together: Mirror, Candles/candelabras, Assortment of seven symbolic herbs and spices, Persian Flatbread, Eggs, Almond, walnut, + hazelnut, Seasonal fruits, Rock candy, Coins, Honey, Rose water, etc.


(Note: I do not design the display, but try Sofreh Designer Sama's (work can be seen here!)


When I do the ceremonies, I combine the signing of the Register with sugaring. A fine fabric which is held over the couple’s head throughout the ceremony by various happily married female relatives and friends. Happily married woman rub the sugar cones together over the “ghand cloth” while held over the couple’s head to shower their life and marriage with sweetness. We often also partake in the exchange of honey for the same reason.

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