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First Nations Wedding

First Nations Ceremonies

I am currently seeking First Nations Officiants to refer couples to to perform these ceremonies, but if this is not available, I respect the various traditions which mean the most to the couple. These may include the water fire, vessel, song, or blanket ceremony.

I often combine the blanket ceremony with the signing of the Register. The couple's shoulders are covered with a blanket. The blanket remains on their bed for the duration of their marriage to remind them of the vows they have made together. I read:

"This ceremony recognizes your commitment and desire to make a public announcement of your decision to honour and respect each other, to love and cherish one another. It honours all committed relationships in this Sacred Ceremony. The blessing of the Blanket Ceremony is that all of the words you have spoken today are woven for life and eternity into the blanket. May the blanket that is placed upon your shoulders be forever at the end of your bed to remind you of the words said today throughout your earthly walk."

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