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Marco and Bianca had a wedding booked with me, but when plans changed, the venue was changed out of the city. Instead, I met with them and two witnesses to do their cere-mini including the legal paperwork.

They had a family friend perform their symbolic ceremony at their new location - this beautiful video by Your Day By Lucas was formed!

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Covid19 Weddings

The Marrying Lady is fully vaccinated available to legally solemnize (sign) your marriage licence, and provide ceremonies in accordance with the Provincial and Municipality Health policies.

Covid Wedding Protocol:

1. Bring your own pens for you and your witnesses (recommend gel pens!).

2. Ensure that you and your guests are aware of the city's health guidelines for weddings and abide by them.

3. Getting your Wedding Certificate can be expedited following these instructions.

4. Providing an Expresspost envelope from Canada Post is recommended given the uncertainties of regular mail. (Or bring $17 for the Officiant to purchase one).

5. Download the Free E-Book for support when planning/rescheduling weddings.


As always, couples must get their own marriage licence. However, rather than walking in to pick it up, Toronto is accepting requests for appointments: which may take awhile. You can try other city halls in Ontario for faster processing times. On the application, the 'exact' date doesn't matter as long as the ceremony is taking place within 90 days; the location is simply the name of the city.


If you need the Marriage Certificate urgently please find instructions here. To check availability, fill in the Contact Form​: With your full names, phone number, date, time, and location.

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