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How to Select Your Wedding DJ

Special thanks to Michael – DJ MasterMix for answering all of my DJ questions for my couples!

How do DJ's differentiate themselves?

There are many ways that you might see some DJs differentiate each other. Some DJs are only club DJs and then you get Wedding/Mobile DJs. When watching DJs you might see DJs that beat mix and make blend music, or you might find DJs that just cross fade end of song to beginning of song. Fashion can be a big thing as well, some DJs or companies will have a image that the DJ will wear.

Should a couple look for one based on their music preferences?

The couple needs to do some homework and find a company they feel comfortable or click well with. If the couple has cultural music or wants a certain genre of music you want played be sure to ask the DJ if they are comfortable with this music. As a multi-op company myself that has a team we like to match our couples with the most suitable DJ with what music preference and logistics they require for their reception.

What are the price ranges?

Pricing can range from $400.00 to $6000.00. When looking at pricing you have to factor what do you require for your wedding. Do you require ceremony music, Emcee, lighting, hours of services, many factors will factor into the price. You might find someone with less experience in the lower side of the scale or you might have a DJ what has taking education and training who really services the needs of their couples on the higher side.

What are some of the red flags that couple's should look out for.