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6 Ways to Show Your Officiant Gratitude

Because you don't get married every day of the year, its hard to know when you have an Officiant who is going above and beyond for you or simply doing their jobs. Officiants are paid to do your paperwork and speak the legal requrements of the law at your paper signing. Anything above and beyond that is a service to you because they love making you feel comfortable and happy. Here are some ways to show your gratitude for that extra support:

1. Consider their advice. You are always the final decision makers, but they have experience to know what flows and what will be a long, dragging ceremony. When you pick a good Officiant, trust that any input they give you is because they want your day to be wonderful.

2. Link to their social media. Keep in touch with updates of your life-after-marriage!

3. Send them your wedding photos, preferably ones where they don’t have their mouths open, which is a rare but wonderful shot!

4. Write them a glowing review on a 3rd party system, so other couples can learn about them.

5. Tip them for their service. A 10-20% tip, card, small gift, even a wedding favor put aside for them is a heartfelt way to show you appreciated their support.

6. Refer them to your friends and family. Why not. If you liked them, others will too!

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