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Cord and Veil Alternative

A Filipino Tradition from the Catholic Church is the placing of the cord and veil. As an alternative, I do this part of the ceremony as we sign the wedding Register:

"As we continue on to sign the Register, I will invite the couple to take a seat at the signing table and ask the two witnesses to come forward, (_______ and ______) to sign the Register. I will also Invite the sponsors ________ and _______ to place the veil and ______and _____ to place the cord on the couple.

(They come up and stand by the signing table. You both sit.)

Veil and Cord

A marriage ceremony is a celebration of love and the anticipation of the many beautiful moments that blossom from that love throughout the marriage. In the spirit of granting them purity in their life together, we would like to welcome our veil sponsors put on the veil. (Sponsors, Veil is pinned.)

May you attain happiness and harmony through mutual love and trust and a long joyous life together. Let no distance, nor barrier separate your hearts and minds.

In the spirit of granting them everlasting fidelity and strength, we would like to welcome our cord sponsors to place the veil. May this cord bind you together and find a life that has plenitude of pure and nourishing food and a life that is noble and respectful. (Sponsors, Cord is placed.)

We will now continue to sign the Register (Witnesses sign).(Sponsors remove the veil and cord and everyone sits back down: Couple return to the ceremony center spot)

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