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How to Prepare for Post-Wedding Blues

WHAT? What do you mean by post wedding blues? Before becoming a Wedding Officiant, I was an event planner. What I experienced after each event was an emotion that couples may experience after their big day – an unsettled feeling of joy and sadness. It’s a mix of relief, and at the same time an emptiness because the momentum of anticipation, planning, and excitement has climaxed.

This is rarely talked about in the wedding industry. If you experience this – know that you are not alone, and here are some coaching tips on how to manage these feelings.

To help with this, I reached out to Ashley J. Hassard, who is not only a professional photographer, teacher, and motivator, but she was also one of my past brides who did an incredible job at keeping the excitement from her wedding day alive in social media and submissions to publications.

As Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Bride Guide, here is her feedback to help manage the post wedding blues. “Weddings are definitely a big deal and a wonderful memory to look back on, so you can help your wedding experience live on by sharing throwback stories on socials, texting outtakes to loved ones, or posting reflection quotes on what you remember from the actual moment captured. It’s a great way to keep the wedding high going, keep the memories alive, and also gain new perspective from the retroactive reflection.

For instance, on Ashley Instagram account @thehassard, she has a dedicated Instagram Story Highlight for her wedding photos. These are the little circles with thumbnail images that are displayed on your Instagram profile. They feature Instagram Stories that you've elected to save and share on an evergreen basis.

You can also do a post wedding photoshoot, or more than one! Ashley and her husband, Mike Di Carlo also embraced the idea of more than one photoshoot. In fact, after their wedding they had seven! From a coffee shop, to boho, to the beach, they embraced all of the many styles of weddings in photographs to capture their joy for each other.

I once interviewed a couple who were planning their wedding while they were enduring a long-distance relationship. The bride was feeling a bit deflated because they would not be able to have a traditional engagement photoshoot since they were living in two different countries. “Have a post-wedding photoshoot!” I told them. You can have four, one for each Season. You can hire a professional photographer to capture your lifestyle images, without the limitations of before or after the wedding day.

You could also curate your wedding images and submit them to publications. Ashley and Mike were featured in the Toronto Star, May 22, 2022: “How a camera-ready couple got married for real at a wedding photo shoot”.

“Often, publications have certain vibes or feels that they go for, so if you’re hoping for one specifically, be sure that the vibe of your day and images you get follows their suit. It also really helps if you can take the time to draft up a quick blurb about the day! Yes, a picture says a thousand words, but a thousand words on top of a picture (or a few) really helps tell the story. And be sure to list your vendors. Publications always love giving credit where credit is due, so having it all presented and packaged in a nice, clear, and organized way really increases your chances it’ll be used.”

The real key tool to help you get over the post wedding blues; however, is to remember that your wedding day may be over, but your relationship and the many mini-milestones of events are yet to come!

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I personally dealt with the issue of organizing my wedding, we had it in a very interesting style - this is the style of the theater. I needed to find a lot of theater marquee images and everything turned out exactly the way I wanted, because I always dreamed of such a wedding. All the guests were so happy because it was a lot of fun. We can say that my dream has come true.


Deirdre McCarvill
Deirdre McCarvill
Nov 11, 2022

I own Cherished Ceremonies in the Okanagan, BC - and found this article to be insightful and thought provoking. As a Celebrant and Wedding Officiant, this is often the part of getting married that is completely overlooked and definitely not talked about. Thank you!!

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