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Ring Exchange Ceremony Tips

The Ring Bearer - one of the most daunting tasks during your wedding ceremony for your bridal party. Of course this isn't too much of a burden on any little person who carries your rings (and yes, girls can carry rings too!), but the adult who has this duty is often quite anxious to hand over the treasure and get their part over with.

That said, I often go through the simple act of showing them how to deliver the rings. I recommend that the person selected for this job has their hands free from bouquets, and that the rings are in one box or bag for ease of delivery.

The number one tip for this part of the ceremony is to ensure they are in open view of the guests when they hand over the rings. Everyone wants to see what they are doing, including the wedding photographer. Rather than handing me the rings from behind the couple and rather than stepping into the center and putting their back to all the guests, I recommend they stand shoulder to shoulder with the bridal person closest to them and extend their arm across that person to present them to me.

Here is a photo to illustrate this staging for the Ring Bearer, making your guests and photographer very happy! (Photo Credit: @giuliaciampiniphotography

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