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3 Tips on making your ceremony personal

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

  1. Use this template, fill in the blanks and provide it to your Officiant:

  • This relationship began in ___(name of city, café, etc), and together this couple has travelled to (name places), partaken in (volunteering, athletics, music, shared hobbies).

  • For the past ____ years, these two have been enjoying the adventure of growing together (buying a home, getting a pet, partaking in a shared hobby, enduring a hardship) and share their lives with (names of pets, children, family, friends)

  • When they were young (Spouse’s name) thought, marriage was… and (Spouse 2’s name) thought marriage was…

  • These two were brought together by (technology, friends, coincidence) and their first impressions of each other were…

  • Together, these two plan to share a life of (shared activities, interests, hobbies)

  1. Although rings typically symbolize the vows in a tangible way, other acts can also be made as well:

  • Plant a sapling tree for your backyard

  • Open your favourite bottle of wine and share from the same cup (an oversized glass would make for a nice photo effect)

  • Have clay platter and imprint your hands over lapping (have a wet towel nearby)

  • Both of you splash paint on a canvas that you can put on display in your home

  • More ideas here

  1. Forgo the typical reading for something unique to you:

  • Have someone read the lyrics of your favourite song

  • Use a passage from a book you both like

  • Both of you write out the things you love about each other in the 3rd person. He loves her for … She loves him for… and have friends read each of these out loud in place of readings. This is the best way to add things that are funny or endearing, allowing your own vows to be sincere and heartfelt.

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