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Ontario Marriage Licence Costs  (*June 2019)

Couples are responsible for picking up their licence from any City Hall in Ontario prior to their wedding. Although everyone gets the same licence regardless of where they pick it up, the prices charged by the cities will vary.

Here is a list of the current prices for licences in the Toronto area starting with the best bargains:

Woodstock $115

Brant (Paris, Ontario) $120

Oshawa $125

Wasaga Beach $125

Brock $125

Whitby $130

Ajax $130

Pickering $130

Aurora $138

Mississauga $140

Toronto $140 (Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York)

Quinte $140

Newmarket $147

Waterloo $149

Caledon $150

Oakville $150

Brampton $150

Kitchener $154

Hamilton $155

Richmond Hill $156

Cambridge $160

Markham $163.50

Vaughan $165

King city $168.50

I always recommend that couples get their licence 2 months prior to their wedding to get it off their to-do list. Its is valid for 3 months, but it's wise to have an extra month in the (eek, don't say it...) case it gets left at home on their wedding day and the signing must be done later on. If you DO leave your licence at home, the date put on licence is the date it is signed.

For more information on what is required to obtain the licence, see my webpage, Get your licence!

PHOTO Credit: Corynn Fowler

Photo of paper signing by Corinne Fowler

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