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Wedding Guest Participation in Your Ceremony

One simple way of involving your guests is also one of the nicest. Towards the end of the ceremony, each guest will turn to their neighbours, say hello and shake hands. They might say "Peace be with you" or "Peace and love", or simply saying 'Hi!"

Though exchanging the peace is not directly asking for their support, it is helping to form a community and human interaction. And ultimately, it is that community that will support you for many years to come. It also makes for a great wedding event as families and friends get to know one another.

At this time, I can read:

"And now, I ask you all to do something. You’ve come from far and wide to this wedding, from all across Canada, all over the US, from Israel, from Italy, and points in between. Take a moment to greet each other.

So shake hands, say hello, meet the people sitting in front of you, behind you, next to you. Thank you. It is the couple's request that you keep doing this throughout the evening. They’ve brought their favourite people together for one time in their lives, so tonight you are all family."

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch Photography

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