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Where Do I Get A Handfasting Cord?

I get asked this a lot! Popular television series and movies have contributed to the surge in couple's requesting handfasting rituals as part of their wedding ceremony. Many couples long to capture the romance found in the epic tales of love found in such shows as Outlander, Braveheart, and of course, Game of Thrones. Other couple's simply want to weave in elements of their Celtic heritage.

However, many couple's aren't too sure on what is used as the actual 'cord'. It's very simple, anything will do as long as it's long enough to extend over your hands and be tied. Often anything that is around 2 feet works well.

Here are some ideas:

1. Ribbons or cords can be purchased from local fabric or craft stores.

2. For couples who are weaving in their children, I recommend that each family member choose their own special colour and braid them together.

3. I have married couples who used their baby's first blanket.

4. Some cords are selected based on the thickness when the couple wishes to attach symbolic beads or charms. One couple attached small photos of their deceased grandparents to include them in the ceremony.

5. I married a couple that actively participated in marathons together and had a number of lanyards tied together.

6. Weed weddings can use hemp ropes to keep with their wedding theme.

7. Couples who loved baking together used apron strings.

The point is, be creative and have fun with it! These DIY approaches are very budget-friendly, and it is a fun project that the couple can work on together. However, others have opted for going onto Etsy and purchasing cords made by professionals.

TRADITIONAL handfasting cords are several ribbons of varying colours. Each ribbon is individually placed over the hands after each of the traditional vows are read out loud, but I'll save this for another post!

Toronto Handfasting Officiant

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