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How to Pick the Best Wedding Reading for You!

Stop Googling… Before delving into the wide world of the internet, I often encourage couples to look to around their house and the lives they’ve made for each other, and then consider what they are going to search for online.

For instance, what has your relationship encountered over the years: a favourite movie, book, poem, song, prayer?

Or, perhaps your relationship has its own vibe and that is what you wish to create the tone to your ceremony: romantic, light-hearted, solemn, playful, spiritual?

Do you have a shared interest that you can work from: sports, history, gardening, travel, mystery, games, cannabis, activism? You can often find great quotes in some of the iconic leaders or celebrities from those interests or simply use wordplay knock a few sayings out of the park to chronical your blossoming relationship!

Next week is focused on building a strategy for vow writing, but it will apply to choosing your reading as well.

To begin, listen to this video while you are at home cleaning the house, washing dishes, on your phone while you are walking the dog. Ignore the title ‘How to write your own vows’. Although it will help you write your own vows, it will also help you get to the root of who the two of you are and what themes you can work with to identify what style of ceremony will best represent you.

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