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Handfasting Checklist for Planning Your Ceremony!

Handfasting was the original wedding ceremony and the cord was the original ‘rings.’ The act of “tying the knot” binds a couple to each other. When planning your handfasting ceremony, here are a few items to consider when working on your ceremony with your Officiant:

_ Do you want the Officiant to call in Elemental and Cardinal Blessings/ Blessing of the Space

_ Will there be a sage smudge

_ Will your ceremony be in circular or rectangular shape?

_ Do you want any special poetry, readings, or blessings?

_ Do you also want to jumping the broom?

_ Which knots do you wish to have (if any? Figure 8 knot is common)?

_ Who is the person who bind you (the officiant, family, children, friends)?

_ What colours would you would like to have?

_ Do you wish for the colours to be explained within the bind introduction?

_ who would you like to invite to bring up the cords (or are they on the table close by?)

_ Are you doing traditional handfasting vows or regular vows?

_ Will you use one cord (single or braided) or many?

_ Will the colours/cord represent just the two of you (or your children if you have them)

_ Who will take the cord away?

For more information, see past posts on where to get the handfasting cord, the traditions and the colour symbolism.

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