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Bad Officiants

I'm preparing a guide for 'Officiating a Friend's Wedding' and I'm including a list of tips of what to do and what to avoid. I felt like nothing could help back my tips better than a few good video examples to to emphasis why they are worth noting.

Here is the video to to illustrate why its important to: Hydrate and stay sober. Way too many newbies get nervous and lean on liquid courage and this can get really messy.

My other tip is to prepare. This video is an "Officiant" (or posing as one on Craigslist, even though he wasn't licensed!) from Peterborough, Ontario. It's a true story. If he was going to fake being an Officiant, you'd think he would have at leased practiced the part!

And finally, this one is just a satire and fun to watch! But it is a good reminder to make the ceremony more about the couple than about yourself as a 'Friend Officiating!'


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