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How to Change your Name in Ontario after Marriage

If you wish to change your last name after marriage in Ontario, decide which of the two options for changing your last name work best for you. You can assume a new name, or you can opt for changing your name legally on your birth certificate.

Here are the two options as of July 21, 2021. For more details contact ServiceOntario by calling Toll-free: 1-800-461-2156 for all of North America (areas outside of Toronto), 416-325-8305 for the Greater Toronto Area or internationally; TTY: 416-325-3408; or

sending a written request to: ServiceOntario Office of the Registrar General P.O. Box 3000 189 Red River Rd Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5WO

1. Assume a last name due to marriage

(*Most Popular)

You can assume your spouse’s last name after marriage with government documents such as:

  • health card

  • driver’s licence

  • Ontario Photo Card

  • enhanced driver’s licence

There is no cost to assume your spouse’s last name on the above documents. When you assume a spouse’s last name after marriage, it does not change the name on your Ontario birth registration (and birth certificate). You should change all your identification documents to reflect the new last name.

To change your last name on these documents, visit a ServiceOntario centre with your:

  • marriage certificate

    • this is not the “Record of Solemnization of Marriage” given to you by the person who performed your marriage

    • you must apply for a certificate as one is not issued to you automatically

  • current photo health card (if you do not have a photo health card, you must bring 3 original documents to prove you are a Canadian citizen and Ontario resident)

  • driver’s licence, enhanced driver’s licence or Ontario Photo Card

When updating your last name on documents issued by other organizations, contact each organization that you have an account with and ask what they require to make the change. Most organizations will ask you to show a copy of your marriage certificate.

Cost $0

Delivery: You will receive your updated documents by mail in 6 to 8 weeks.

2. Legally change your last name

(*Only available if you were born in Ontario or/and living in Ontario for the last 12 months as a permanent resident.)

This can be quite expensive as police checks are involved, and all IDs must be updated. If you want to formally change your last name, you will need to apply for a legal name change. Send in a copy of your Ontario birth certificate and the marriage certificate. Or your copy of birth certificate from the province/country of birth with original translation, and a copy of your Citizenship card, and marriage certificate.

Cost $25 (or free if your application - including birth certificate and marriage certificate -are submitted within 90 days of marriage.)

Delivery: If your application is complete and accurate, a change of name certificate and your new birth certificate will be mailed within 6 to 8 weeks from the date they receive the application.

Photo by Olive Photography I offer this photo because it has a funny story. My grandfather arrived in Canada and changed his (and now my) last name upon arrival. This bride has my families original last name. We giggled at the idea that we might be related!


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