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How to Write Your Wedding Speech

The floor is yours! You can either combine your speech or each say one individually. When you do consider using the bits and pieces you didn’t add to your ceremony.

#1. Words of Gratitude to your parents, grandparents, or community for their support, help planning the wedding or contributing financially.

#2. Acknowledgement of those who have travelled to join you for the occasion.

#3. Sharing why it was important for you to have a wedding with the guests in the room. You could have eloped (and after the ups and downs of wedding planning you may wish you had!) but a wedding is about bringing families and communities together to both witness the event and make it stronger, but also as an expression of gratitude and acknowledgement of those who have planned a role in your lives, both individually and as a couple.

#4. Entertaining guests with a story they may not have heard before, whether it was beautiful moment or a perfectly tragic situation that went wrong and you can laugh about it now, such as a vacation that went off the rails.

#5. Tell your proposal story.

#6. Again, if it wasn’t already in your ceremony, tell you love story and how you met. What were your first impressions of each other? When you were children, what did you believe ‘marriage’ was? What do you look forward to doing as a married couple over the next 20 years?

#7. Finally, each give appreciation to the other person’s parents or family. It’s because they were loved by them that they have the love in their hearts to love you so much.

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