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How to add "Your Love Story" to your Wedding Ceremony

Updated: Sep 22

When I meet with couples, I like to learn about how they first met - Their Love Story! Guests enjoy listening to this story as it not only sets the tone for the wedding ritual, but it also makes the ceremony more personal and authentic.

Here is a guide to help you provide the content to your Officiant:

  • This relationship began in ___(name of city, café, etc.), and together this couple has travelled to (name places), partaken in (volunteering, athletics, music, shared hobbies).

  • These two were brought together by (technology, friends, coincidence) and their first impressions of each other were…

  • When they were young (name) thought, marriage was… and (name) thought marriage was…

  • For the past ____ years, these two have been enjoying the adventure of growing together (buying a home, getting a pet, having a baby, partaking in a shared hobby, enduring a hardship) and share their lives with (names of pets, children, family, friends)

  • Together, they have made it through the best of times, but they have also been there for each other when challenges presented themselves (losing someone, health issues, global lockdowns, being separated due to work or school, etc.)

  • Together, these two plan to share a life of (shared activities, interests, hobbies)

Alternative Options for the Love Story:

  • The proposal! Where did it happen? Was it a surprize? Were there any mishaps along the way?

  • Your shared values (take this quiz)! What similarities or differences do the two of you have that make you a good team? This can be exemplified by adding a story where these qualities were the key ingredients in helping you get through an unusual life experience... such as a road-trip gone wrong, a busted water pipe in the house, a long-distance relationship, etc.

  • If you want to skip the love story and instead add a Reading to your ceremony, give an explanation as to WHY you've selected the specific passage and what it means to you both. (Here are tips on how to pick one!)

  • Or, simply explain why having a wedding ceremony for family and friends is important to you. Let's be honest - you could just elope and be legally married. Describe what aspects of having a celebration has been important to you both.

Most importantly, determine how you want your Love Story to be presented.

1. You can share this content with your Officiant as part of your ceremony's welcome message.