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10 Reasons Couples Are Getting Married During the Pandemic

Over the last year, weddings have been disrupted, but marriages have not. There are many legal and personal reasons that couple’s have opted for a wedding during the pandemic and it has been fascinating. Some of these include:

1. Becoming Canadian Citizens: A marriage certificate can be part of the process for couples immigrating to Canada. Many have had their student or work visas expire during the lockdown. Permanent Resident (PR) status’ have been expiring, or couples are simply working on their immigration status to bring family members together.

2. Leaving Canada: Couple’s who have been comfortably Common-Law in Canada are faced with requiring legal status of their relationship if one of the parties has been offered a job overseas. Other’s are moving back overseas with their Canadian partners to take care of frail family matters and require the legal marriage certificate to ensure visa applications will be accepted.

3. Adoption: Couple’s seeking to adopt a child have found a legal marriage status will improve their applications in some countries.

4. Marriage, Birth, and Mortgages: Couple’s from traditional families are seeking a legal marriage prior to moving in together, having children and purchasing homes. If couples are purchasing homes or land overseas, a legal marriage certificate may be required to have both parties listed as owners.

5. Cost Savings: Although we’ve heard about the financial burdens couple’s have faced with rescheduling their celebrations and losing deposits, other couple’s have viewed this year as an opportunity to avoid the financial stress that can come from large weddings.

6. Introverts: Not only are small weddings beneficial for saving costs, but they also provide a socially reasonable excuse to keep their ceremonies intimate.

7. Dates: Some people believe certain dates to get married on are auspicious or bring good luck to marriage. Others believe some dates are important to them to based on anniversaries such as when they met, or even to honour the passing away of a loved one.

8. Benefit Plans: Some companies will only add the spouse to pension, healthcare and other benefit plans when the couple are legally married.

9. Health Matters: When a partner’s health is in critical condition, many value marriages as a rite of passage to solidify their relationship. However, more often, many couples have family members who have limited life expectancy and they seek a small ceremony to simply have their loved ones there.

10. Same-Sex Marriage Status: Although legally recognized in Canada, same-sex couples, who are working on all of the reasons listed above, may need their marriage certificate for both legal and personal reasons.

So, for those who say that weddings based on silly romantic idealism or a desperate attempt to try and ‘keep’ someone for fear of losing them, I’d have to differ.


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