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Warming of the Rings

Before you say your vows and exchange your rings, the wedding officiant will ask everyone, including your wedding party to participate in a ring warming. The ring warming is an opportunity to send the bride and groom good luck and love through a silent wish to the rings when passed to them. I only recommend this in groups under 10 to ensure it doesn't take more time than the ceremony itself.

"Having this love in their hearts for each other the couple have chosen to exchange rings as a symbol of their vows.

The wedding rings are the most visible sign of the bond these two people are about to make.

A commitment to life, to each other and to the future.

What I now ask families to do is to warm these rings by passing them down the row.

As you hold them in your hands, pause for a moment, and make your wishes for the couple and for their future before you pass them on to the next person.

These rings will not only be a gift from one to another but will be given with the love, support and wisdom of their family and friends.

As the rings make their way through the group please take a quick moment to hold them, warm them with your love, and silently make a wish or ask a blessing for this couple and their future together.

When these rings return they will contain your love and support for their union to keep it strong throughout the years.

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