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Lego Acts of Unity

Here is one idea you can really build on!

The couple had a mini Lego bride and groom with velcro on their backs. They personalized the picture frame with their names and the date of the wedding. The Lego idea held a special significance in their relationship as it represented the first gift from the groom to the bride and they both enjoy assembling and building sets together over the course of their relationship! Much like being handed the rings, they were handed the tiny little figures representing something they both loved - Lego!

The ceremony reading for this highly personalized and lovely ritual was:

This ceremony symbolizes the unity of Maggie and Gwun into a new and eternal marital relationship, that you will build bit by bit. To symbolize this we will assemble a Lego Frame. Can we have the Legos please.

The Lego building figures in front of you are a symbol of commitment to your own individual selves and values joining together to establish the solid foundation of a life-long marriage. Each piece holds its own unique beauty, strength and character. They can stand on their own and be whole, without the need of anything else. When joined together they represent an entirely new ground for extraordinary love and everlasting relationship.

* Couples assembles the Lego picture frame. I recommend they stand on each side of the table so guests and photographers can see what they are doing.

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