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How to Marie Kondo Your Ceremony

Does your ceremony spark joy? The only real legal requirement during your wedding is that each of you agrees to marry the other, and that I pronounce you married, so the rest can be completely customized.

However, if you consider that "less is more" in your ceremony, the ceremony will have greater impact on how you will hear and feel it on your big day. Fewer words that are spoken with a raised level of intonation, emotion, and emphasis will keep you and your guests more engaged than long ceremonies.

When couples write to say that they would prefer to have the ceremony under 30 minutes, I always respond with, "Yes, all your guests would prefer this as well". Some tips on how to make your ceremony spark joy include:

1. Vows: Content that you may have come up with for your vows can also be woven into your welcome message, keeping your vows crisp and clean.

2. Procession: Remember to add the time it will take for your wedding party to enter in the schedule you set for your ceremony timing, so you don't fall behind schedule for the rest of the evening.

3. Readings: Consider keeping readings down to one and no more than two. Rather than general readings, consider using time in your ceremonies for content that is more personalized such as insight into your relationship or a ritual to recognize your parents.

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