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Beyond the Budget - Why Micro-Weddings Are Still Trending

Content writer, Katie Pierce, and I have been exploring why the micro-wedding trend continues to have momentum, and it's not just about saving on large wedding costs, or pandemic concerns. "Micro-weddings" remain popular for urbanites and millennials. With wedding venues and vendors becoming increasingly creative and flexible, it’s easier than ever to plan a one-of-a-kind wedding that celebrates them individuality as a couple.

Obviously, micro-weddings can allow for smaller budgets, but they also allow couples to re-define and explore what type of wedding experience they wish to have.

1. You Can Spend More On What Matters Most To You

Of course you are going to save money, but the money you do save by holding a micro-wedding can be put towards the wedding elements that are most important to you. When Sara and Brandon had their 'cere-mini' at OBJX Studios, Sara was extremely excited to use the money she saved by doing a micro-wedding to splurge on her favourite flower vendor, Hunt and Gather Floral.

Scaling down your wedding can make these types of wedding purchases more attainable without breaking the bank. You can also use the money you save to upgrade your honeymoon, wedding rings, book a professional photographer, or splurge on custom outfits or shoes.

But it's more than just the budget.

Photo by Sara Tanner

2. You Can Get Married Whenever, However, and Wherever You Wish!

When you have a micro-wedding in Canada, you can hold both your legal signing ceremony and your symbolic ceremony anywhere you desire! Rather than tying the knot in a stuffy city hall chamber, Alex and Justin met me in a park in Toronto with friends for their first elopement, and planned their dream wedding in Turkey for their symbolic ceremony. A honeymoon ceremony if you will!

You can plan your location based on your personality. Maybe you want to have a wedding that’s focused on your favourite drink or food, so you could team up with a local brewery or private dining room in a restaurant. You could plan a wedding day picnic lunch or an afternoon tea party instead of a traditional wedding reception. If, say, you’re not into the idea of a sit-down dinner, why not have a fun wedding cocktail hour with passed hors d’oeuvres and signature wedding drinks?