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How to Plan a Baby Blessing Ceremony

A baby blessing can be one of the most significant celebrations you can offer for your child’s emotional and physical development, even if they are too young to even understand what is happening! Why? Because it is a mindful acknowledgement of your family’s commitment to be accountable for the child’s growth and wellbeing. Very much like a wedding, a baby blessing ceremony marks the importance of making vows and being witnessed for making those vows to child.

Format: A baby blessing take any format you desire. It can have a secular format that draws on your aspirations and values for their development, or you can design the ceremony with a tone of your personal, spiritual, religious, or cultural beliefs. Here is a general guide to help you get started.

  1. Welcome Message to the Guests

  2. Stating the Intention of the Ceremony

  3. Reading a Poem, Quote, Passage, or Blessing

  4. Recognizing the Roles of the Guests in the Life of the Child (Could include family members who have passed)

  5. Telling the Story of the Parent’s Journey

  6. Parents, Grandparents, Guardians speaking their vows/commitments to the child (or saying I Do’s to a statement read to them)

  7. Giving of Gifts to the Child (Symbolic or Physical)

  8. Activity or Ritual (Ranging from the family creating a painting, doing a sand ceremony with various colours of sand going into a vessel for the child’s room, guests signing a growth chart to be hung in the child’s room, anointing the child with water or essential oils, or simply lighting a candle – the ideas are endless!)

  9. A Song (Played or Sung)

  10. Closing Message and Thanking Guests

Questions to Ask Yourself to Prepare for the Ceremony with your Officiant

  1. Child’s name (and how you chose it), birthdate (Date, time, location)

  2. Do you wish to have create a symbolic or special name created from the blessing?

  3. Do you wish to include any elements of spirituality or religion? If so, explain:

  4. What was your story or journey of becoming parents?

  5. Do you have other children and wish for them to have a special role in the ceremony?

  6. Who will be involved in the ceremony (Please list Parents, Grandparents and Guardians)?

  7. Will any/all of them speak with a blessing or words of support?

  8. Do you wish to include any particular poems, quotes, readings? If yes, what types or style do you wish for them to be (funny, religious, heartfelt, etc.)

  9. Have you thought of any songs you wish to have played?

  10. Will you create an item that can be signed to mark the day (Certificate, Banner, Growth Chart?)

  11. Do you wish to have any physical items created or given to the child?

  12. Will this be created during the ceremony (a painting or sand ceremony, etc.)

  13. What excites you most about holding such a special ceremony for your child? What outcome do you wish to have from holding this celebration?

  14. Will you have a dress code or any specific colours that you do not wish participants to wear?

  15. Will the Officiant be asked to be standing in water at any point? (Let them know so they can being a change of clothes!)

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