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10 Typical questions an Officiant will ask

1. Tell me how you met. Or, as I ask, What is your love story?

2. Why get married? What are the most important elements of the day for you?

3. Are you Religious, Spiritual or non-religious? What is your background? Are there any traditions that are important to you or your family?

4. Is there anything you defiantly do or don’t want to include in the ceremony?

5. Are you interested in any of the rituals that can go on during a wedding such as sand, rose’s exchange, wine sharing, candle lighting?

6. Is anyone doing a reading?

7. Have you consider if you want to write your own vows and how you want to offer them to each other?

8. Have you worked out the processional? Will it include formal seating of parents and/or grandparents?

9. Speaking; are you comfortable speaking in public or do you want to keep it to a minimum?

10. What part of the day do you imagine to be most stressful for you?

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