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How to write your own vows Part #2 - Sample Vows

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

How do you write your own wedding vows? Where do you even start? This is a quick and easy workshop to help your writer's block and craft a message from the heart for your loved one on your wedding day.

This video is Part #2 of 3 - Sample Wedding Vows and Different Styles. Because personal wedding vows are not part of the legal requirements, you can literally do anything you wish. You can both read the same list of vows, or each read your own. You can each say a line back and forth rather than person reading at a time. You can sing your vows, do interpretive dance moves... anything you wish!

Once done, you may also want to check out: Part #3 - Key words for vows

Still excited! There is also a list of logistics and tips on what to DO and the list of what NOT to do), and making it easy with my Vow Writing Template to put everything together for the best vows ever!

And if you missed it... Check out Part # 1 - Brainstorming

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