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Sand Ceremony

Similar to the water ceremony, the bride and groom both pour different colored sand into a glass, taking turns, a little at a time, which creates colorful swirls and patterns. After the ceremony and festivities, jar is typically sealed by pouring hot wax into the top of the jar, and then capping it with a cork stopper or other lid. This will preserve the swirls and make a nice display item for the home. Other unity ceremonies are on this blog and listed here.

Variation 1: Includes children or other family members of the bride and groom, each having a different colored sand and taking part in the unity ceremony.

Variation 2: One family fills one glass with different colored sands, and other family fills a second. Then the couple take their respective mixes to alternately fill the large container. A common reading used for sand ceremonies (can be adapted for water, too):

"Life's moments are as grains of sands, forever moving and shifting with the winds of time. Today, ________ and __________, you are making your eternal commitment to one another, blending the sands of your lives together. The separate vessels of sand you each hold represents your lives up to this moment. And from this moment on, as with the sands you now blend together, you shall become one; a family created." Colored sands, carafes and vases can be found at many craft stores.

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