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Hindu 7 Steps

In the Hindu tradition, the Seven Steps is the most important part of the ceremony as it

seals the bond between the couple forever. Sworn in front of sacred fire, these steps

represent seven marital vows. Amy and Shawn, these seven promises you now make to

one another are affirmed by walking around the fire.

With this FIRST step... you promise to nourish and feed one another body, mind and


With this SECOND step... you promise to provide each other the strength to face every

challenge and the support to fulfil every dream.

With this THIRD step... you promise to work together to build a happy home and

prosperous future.

With this FOURTH step... you promise to enjoy the quiet moments, learn from the loud

ones and cultivate a relationship where independence is equal, dependence is mutual

and obligation is reciprocal.

With this FIFTH step... you promise to love, honour and respect one another’s family

and the family you’ll create together.

With this SIXTH step... you promise to nurture your bond by celebrating the successes

and the mistakes with compassion, humour and encouragement.

With this FINAL step... you promise to be each other’s best friend, truest love and

lifelong companion as you walk together into a life that’s sure to be extraordinary.

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